Mark Goffeney is a musician born without any arms. He lifts just about everything with his feet and doesn't let his disability get in the way of achieving his dreams.
While doing your research and if your religious school is open to ideas, get together with other families and individuals with special needs and write a wish list of everything they need to make their experiences better. Prioritize the list and go from there.
Just because I have a disability -- my right leg was amputated when I was 5 -- doesn't make me an expert on issues relating to disability and employment. Like everyone else, I have to work at educating myself on facts and realities for people with disabilities.
Would it astound you to find out that disability payments annually are above $200 billion dollars? That's a lot of backaches
People with disabilities have HIV infection rates up to three times higher than people without disabilities because of their risk of physical abuse, isolation, general poverty and lack of access to services and information.