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Runway of Dreams is bringing more clothing options to those who wouldn't otherwise have them.
Queer Voices
When I attend social functions, people focus on my disability. No matter how hard I try to discuss the news or the hottest restaurant, people always revert back to my lack of sight. And at gay parties, people tend to ask more intimate questions.
Queer Voices
While I have learned to do everything the blind way, I always find myself teaching others how to interact with me -- something I've become better at with time. And, one of the main themes I battle with, especially in the gay community, is the importance of beauty.
1) Doctors do not know everything. Medical professionals have tremendous skills that should be respected but they do not
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I discovered my passion before my accident: photography. But since becoming paralyzed, I have realized that I don't want to just make pretty pictures. I want my lens to be a voice.
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Some artists are one hit wonders, some get enough acclaim to grow their craft over time. Luckily for us as audience members, choreographer Heidi Latsky never gave up.
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"People have a perception about people in wheelchairs as being unable, when we're 99 percent able," Skopnik is quoted by