Disabled People

This is what the country's largest minority wants you to know this election.
Earlier this year we saw something that took us completely by surprise. There was a group of people in wheelchairs hanging themselves from a bridge in Cochabamba, Bolivia.
Alana Nichols, five-time Paralympic dual-sport medalist, pioneer in sprint kayaking and surf enthusiast photographed in San
What job seeker hasn't found some of their applications disappearing into the resume black hole: that frustrating experience where you send out dozens of resumes and fill out multiple online applications and never get a response.
For centuries, women have been pressured to meet changing standards of beauty. There are billion-dollar industries built on how women can look more beautiful through make up, dieting, hair products and anti-aging treatments. From birth, we as women receive an onslaught of messaging that beauty is not within but what's on the outside.
I remember my first attempt at being a DJ. It wasn't a paid gig, and the venue was never too busy, but it was the first proper opportunity for me to think of other people's situations.
It's the physical space where we greet each day. It's the people who we clock the most hours alongside. It's where we welcome guests, cozy up when we're sick, and retreat at the end of a long week.
In an interview with The Huffington Post, Houtenville stressed the importance of disabled people being more assertive in
I am proud to be screening "CinemAbility" this coming October for it is a film that according to Gold is "the last great civil rights movement of our time" and it also entertains, educates and enlightens.
According to News-Journal.com, the Texas teen planned the surprise walk a month ago to show the team, the world and himself
Earlier this year, another WUSA9 hidden camera investigation found that Washington taxi drivers ignored 25 percent of black
Angela Mackey is a wonderful person who loves her job. She especially enjoys recruiting others to Walgreens. Angela has cerebral palsy. She is hiring and managing people with disabilities all while trying to share Walgreen's successful recipe with others. Why is this important?
The suffering, disability, and poverty that results from Laotian civilians being maimed by U.S. ordinance is massive and no amount of aid can bring back the individuals killed by these bombs, nor the quality of life for individuals who are now injured.
Let's unmask the real disabilities that threaten all of us. They are not cerebral palsy, or being wheelchair-bound, or having AIDS; they are hatred, prejudice, abuse, deception, false pride, hypocrisy, greed and despair.
"Wishing, waiting, and hoping -- that's the language of victims," Cathy asserts. "Those are all passive words. They're not active. If you want things to happen in your life, you have to get moving."
As an employer of people with disabilities, I encourage and urge business owners, government leaders and people in the community to focus on job candidates' abilities, not their disabilities.
And they tell me they have one neighbor who has to go. Who would be the strongest candidate to replace him? I recommend child