In June 1993 I attended the U.N. World Conference on Human Rights in Vienna, the largest ever gathering on human rights, involving
Conclusion: The father plays a major role in who we are and who we become; his absence may occupy the center stage of a person's life.
It is the denial of the very existence of the paramilitary death squads -- the worst human rights abusers in Colombia -- which gives the U.S. the pretext to certify Colombia's human rights record and to continue delivering lethal military assistance to that country.
"What we saw broke us."
The box office success of the film Sicario, which has grossed over 50 million dollars as of Oct. 18, seems to reflect the public's taste for violence and drama, especially at the border. Yet, how much do we really understand about the realities of those living in that space?
A gathering of thousands filled the streets of Mexico City on Wednesday to protest the disappearance of 43 students in the state of Guerrero last month.
1980 was a tragic year for Sofia Hernandez and her family. Government security forces and right wing death squads were terrorizing the rural population of El Salvador. By March, Sofia's family had fled their home in the countryside in hopes of finding safety.
Could we somehow take part, not in "fixing" the existing problems, but in accompanying the Salvadoran people on their journey toward a peaceful and just society?
According to Reed, it was not long after Barton disappeared that he quit the band, something he said angered Loorem. There