“We are truly sorry for the hurt and disappointment this has caused," the company's CEO said Sunday.
The "Fresh Off The Boat" star fired off a series of tweets that seemingly expressed disappointment over the sitcom's renewal.
Fun parenting activities, like kids coughing in your face and poster boards of disappointment.
Author Agapi Stassinopoulous walks us through a meditation from her book "Wake Up to the Joy of You" to help overcome disappointment.
…and how it totally changed me for the better.
Psychologists call this quality reactance: the desire to do the things that are proscribed. For example, attempting to control
Stay with me... this is a bit more complex than it might sound at first. There will be all kinds of times when you need to
When you feel disappointed, you are feeling deprived of something you thought was already in motion. If you're feeling like you have an "appointment" with a promotion or a successful presentation or a new love, having that thing not work out is especially crushing because it was kind of a done deal inside your mind.
Disappointments are part of our daily life.  For many reasons things don’t always turn out as we plan or would like.  It