A search was underway for several others who may be trapped in the rubble of three flattened homes.
It appears he's considering an industry's profits over aid to 3.5 million Americans facing a humanitarian crisis.
The storm killed at least 28 people across the region.
An 8.2-Magnitude earthquake struck Mexico Thursday night, affecting people and structures from Oaxaca to Mexico City.
Sunday marks the 45th anniversary of the UpStairs Lounge arson. Until the Pulse nightclub massacre in 2016, it was the deadliest attack on a gay club in U.S. history.
Over 50,000 Haitians currently residing in the United States under Temporary Protected Status (TPS) are anxiously watching
In the meantime, wildlife and the environment — and likely pot smokers themselves — will pay a price we’re only beginning to understand.
Well-meaning people have either emailed or texted me over the past couple of days, with some variant of "how are things going in Haiti?"
Last year alone, 60 million people were forcibly displaced from their homes due to disasters or conflicts and half were children