Disasters and Accidents

One person has survived after a Ukrainian military aircraft crashed coming in for a landing in Chuhuiv.
After 21 storms so far this year, scientists were forced to begin using the Greek alphabet for only the second time since the 1950s.
Rescue and cleanup begin post-hurricane as officials warn Gulf Coast residents they were still not out of danger.
Officials say 16 construction workers taken to hospitals after two cranes collided in Austin.
There is the unnerving prospect the death toll would climb as searchers look for 16 missing people.
Pacific Gas & Electric turned off power to 172,000 customers to try to prevent its power lines and other equipment from sparking more fires.
Dozens of fires are burning amid record-breaking temperatures, straining the state's electrical grid.
The ship was carrying nearly 6,000 cattle when it capsized in the East China Sea Wednesday. A single crew member has been rescued.
The president met with officials but no locals whose homes had been destroyed. He said Louisiana has "been a great state for me.”
President Trump toured the damage in Louisiana and Texas on Saturday as the death toll from the hurricane rose to 16.