Disc jockey

The British actor stars in the comedy "Turn Up Charlie," which follows a DJ plotting to rebuild his music career.
A good DJ is worth his weight in gold and it's important to choose value over cost. While you have a budget to work with
New Yorkers may know the name DJ Young Chow because he's likely the person getting you in the mood for your Saturday night out on the town as a DJ at popular radio station Hot 97.
I just met with a couple who is getting married later in the year. They are lovely people who chose most of the music for their reception. This will tie my hands a bit when it comes to taking requests, but this is perfectly fine with me.
Over 3,000 Disc Jockeys and industry enthusiasts will be flooding Miami and the surrounding beaches later this month for the 30th annual Winter Music Conference (WMC).
He found the perfect spot to propose -- the gardens of the historic Ellwanger Estate in Rochester -- and found a caricature artist who was willing to play along.
But whatever you call him and however you remember him, WAMO's George "Porky" Chedwick singularly turned on a generation of young people to the music of African Americans.
Electronic Dance Music (EDM for short) has exploded in popularity the last few years, but with that proliferation has come