Disco Music

Their reactions to Gaga's take on the disco hit couldn't be more divided.
On Dec. 14, 1977, a little movie called "Saturday Night Fever" enjoyed its world premiere, making a star out of a 23-year
Though it's taken three decades, Jimmy Somerville is finally ready to realize his musical dreams. As he celebrates the 30th anniversary of massive breakthrough "Smalltown Boy," the singer prepares to unveil an upcoming disco album.
A less-than-perfect match physically, Wayne shimmies and sashays through 12 of Sylvester's biggest hits, from "You Make Me
I invite you to consider a different take on the mourning we'll do for those we've lost, the men and women working to end the epidemic, and how we approach the challenges still ahead. This year, I thought I would talk about dancing and dance music.
You can read the letter in full here. "It was Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve," Summer was quoted as having said during