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JetBlue and Southwest Airlines are starting to look less like innovative upstarts -- complete with low fares and unusual perks -- and more like their stodgy competitors. As they age, they may have less room to treat workers well, and employees are starting to respond.
“The unionization of the pilots at JetBlue may signal the blurring of the distinction between the legacy carriers and the
Airline passengers complain dramatically more about large airlines than they do about discounters, even when the actual quality
Bribe your children with extra legroom if they provide you with correct final exam dates. You will have to text them incessantly for 3-4 weeks before they respond with those dates because it is a real effort on their part to log into their online schedule.
With discount airlines you get what you pay for not what you pray for.
Though the the soccer fan specifically targeted Ryanair for its cheap wages, it's mostly par for the course for low-cost
EasyJet, the British purveyor of low-cost, short-haul air travel, has inspired passionate criticism over its environmental