The mosquito-borne disease has been detected in Florida and Texas for the first time in decades. Here’s how you can limit your risk of infection and what symptoms to look out for.
Experts in pathology explain what constitutes a natural death when someone passes away and what's considered an unnatural one.
"They looked buff, but my muscles also tightened and weakened as they grew. My biceps had grown too muscular and weak for me to put on earrings."
Robert Williams has scored a series of legal wins that are testing the limits of the state’s control over its deer herds.
During a CNN special, Dr. Deborah Birx talked about how the approach to the coronavirus could have been different.
The CNN anchor revealed his multiple sclerosis diagnosis after Fox News’ Tucker Carlson spread vaccine misinformation in light of Colin Powell’s death but Carlson failed to mention Powell was being treated for blood cancer when he died, reducing his body's ability to fight infection.
New mock ad warns of "Foxitus" symptoms, including Tucker Carsonoma and Seanital warts.
Dr. Anthony Fauci says that while mask guidelines can start to be dialed back, protective face coverings could still be vital on a seasonal basis.
Even for otherwise healthy 65- to 74-year-olds infected with coronavirus, the mortality risk is 90 times higher than for those aged 18-29, according to the CDC data.
Of 121 COVID-19 deaths among young people, the CDC found 54 were Hispanic, 35 were Black and 17 were white.