Of 121 COVID-19 deaths among young people, the CDC found 54 were Hispanic, 35 were Black and 17 were white.
“We thought this was only a respiratory virus. Turns out, it goes after the pancreas. It goes after the heart. It goes after the liver, the brain, the kidney and other organs.
Coronavirus survivors are opening up about their experiences with the disease that has killed more than 100,000 people worldwide.
After initial reports said young people were not as vulnerable to the coronavirus, officials are changing their messaging — but some spring breakers may not be listening.
The symptoms to look out for that require immediate medical assistance.
In an Oval Office address, President Donald Trump laid out an unconvincing plan to fight the spread of the coronavirus.
"I cannot make anyone care about the health and well-being of my daughter, ... but I can emphasize that we are all better off when we do our best to keep everyone healthy."
Late Night hosts joked about how President Donald Trump has handled the coronavirus outbreak.
Attorneys for Alabama sheriff Mike Blakely attempted to delay his trial by falsely claiming he was being tested for the illness caused by a new coronavirus.
A spokesperson for Vice President Mike Pence denied the unnamed official's claim, calling it “complete fiction.”