Media companies are also turning to addressable TV. "When they came to us, we were able to activate the motorcycle audience
Usually, TV changes slowly. Distribution contracts are long. Rapid change is rare. But in 2015 something unusual happened, and 2016 will be a much better year for TV viewers as a result.
This week, a number of stories about how digital video means real money for big companies. T- Mobile subsidizes mobile viewing
2015 Nissan Rogue - I wasn't expecting to like the Rogue, but I have to admit, it's probably the best car of its kind. Again
Programming Note:  Gaynor will be speaking at the Beet Retreat next month in Florida about this and related topics. Three
This is not the first time Dish subscribers have lost access to their favorite channels.
Is it inevitable that TV stations suffer the same fate as their print counterparts? Will they too slash newsroom staffs, rely more and more on syndicated, national content and let advertisers encroach on editorial?