The processed meat company attempted to process the rise of disinformation in America.
Republicans in Congress are parroting an anti-conservation group's talking points about the White House's goal of protecting 30% of lands and waters by 2030.
The CNN anchor took Fox News to task for providing a "public disservice" with its misleading coverage and chyrons.
Hart blamed her loss on a “toxic campaign of political disinformation” that she said had “effectively silenced the voices of Iowans.”
China’s Foreign Ministry denounced the sanctions as “based on nothing but lies and disinformation.”
The needless toll was triggered by an "active and unabashed anti-science disinformation initiative" by the Trump White House, writes Dr. Peter Hotez.
HuffPost can also identify three anonymous co-conspirators named in the federal indictment unsealed Wednesday.
Marjorie Taylor Greene has been locked out of her personal account for 12 hours for "multiple violations of our civic integrity policy," the platform said.
As her time in the White House winds down, Kayleigh McEnany continues to spread disinformation -- and got slammed for it by CNN’s Don Lemon.