After researchers pushed back on Donald Trump’s election lies, Republicans made them a political target. Now, many in the field are changing tactics.
Thousands of contract workers were fired Saturday night, many of them "mission critical" content moderators.
More than 50 former intelligence officials who served under presidents from both parties say the recent Hunter Biden smear campaign is likely a Russian disinformation operation.
Rep. Lauren Boebert’s House floor tirade accusing Democrats of censorship quickly backfired.
A new report revealed Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was “personally involved” in reinstating a false anti-abortion video after Republican politicians complained about its deletion.
The Fox News host had some questionable takeaways from the former president's address at Stanford University.
The former president urged regulation for social media companies.
The former president said he had seen firsthand the "degree to which information, disinformation, misinformation was being weaponized.”
These are tactics Moscow has used for years and refined with the advent of social media in places like Syria.
Russia is pulling out all the stops to rewrite history as it happens in Ukraine. The results are some wildly offensive lies.