dislike button

Selected users now have the option to flag posts to Facebook.
Facebook on Thursday announced the rollout of a new "Reactions" button, which lets users respond to posts with six emoji-inspired faces, as well as the traditional Like.
There's no "thumbs-down" option, but at least there's an "angry" face and a "wow" face.
Facebook is considering adding a feature that people have wanted for a long time now: a "dislike" button. But don't hold your breath.
Facebook just released a "dislike" button -- of sorts.
1. Go to the chat feature while browsing Facebook on the web or mobile. 2. Click the smiley logo in the bottom right of a
Playing around with a "sympathize" button at a hackathon -- a chance for staffers to brainstorm new ideas for site features
When it comes to a "Dislike" button, Facebook is in a bind. On the one hand, Facebook, somewhat paternally, wants to only
How do we bring real meaning to even perfunctory encounters and make those little annoying thumbs really powerful?