The street artist’s “bemusement park” shut down a year ago, but it's still changing everything for this town.
"It's generated a new wave of Banksy wannabes."
LONDON (AP) — Street artist Banksy has said he will send the material from his closed amusement park in England to France
Dismaland, the warped "bemusement park" in the U.K. created by world-renowned street artist Banksy, will soon come to an end on September 27.
For some of us, all that we need to satisfy our shadowy side is a trip to an amusement park so we can scream from a little pink carriage on the Wild Mouse -- but for others, our life experiences have a dark, steamy side.
This is the artist's biggest exhibition to date.
The rumor mill is churning, and the art world loves nothing more than a good ol' mystery.