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Han Solo returns to a galaxy far, far away... sort of.
"Star Wars," Marvel, ABC, ESPN ... Is there anything that Disney doesn't own? The guys of comedy group Mudville composed
"Star Wars" already has a significant presence in Disney parks around the world. The "Star Tours" simulator ride is in Disney's
Disney wrote in an emailed statement to The Huffington Post: What it might look like will be up to Disney, but Star Wars
Fisher isn't the only "Star Wars" alum that will likely be appearing in "Star Wars 7." Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill have
Something seems a little off about Darth Vader. Maybe he's a little more mouselike than usual? This Disneyfied "Star Wars
Head over to Star Wars Blog to see the full Mickey Mouse cameo ("cameo"). Disney and Lucasfilm are busy putting together
[via DigitalSpy] McGregor's current projects include "August: Osage County," and a role as giant-fighter Elmont in the upcoming
In an era of Nikki Finke and Deadline.com, it's hard to imagine any deal in Hollywood staying secret for too long. Which
The buzz around the upcoming "Star Wars" movies just continues to grow with rumors and speculation surrounding potential