disordered eating

Christina Grasso said she worries how others struggling with eating disorders might react to SkinnyMe Tea’s message.
I'm telling my story for boys everywhere, because anorexia is more common than society likes to admit.
Mike Marjama is proof the mental health condition isn't just a women's issue.
There is a widely held belief that black women don’t have eating disorders. But that’s verifiably not true.
You are not a one dimensional being and your struggle with food & body didn't come about merely because you ate the wrong
Your recovery from an eating disorder is going strong. You’ve been making progress in terms of facing challenge foods, working
In a life with infinite options and endless possibility, I choose recovery. I choose it in the face of adversity, I choose it under pressure, and I choose it when my brain tells me to do otherwise. I choose it for the authenticity, I choose it for the self-acceptance, and I choose it in the name of freedom.
School-based BMI screenings are meant to improve the health of students, but they also appear to be triggering deadly eating disorders in children.
Dear Eating Disorder, I can't erase you. You are inextricably linked to my past, uncomfortably tied to my heart, and unpleasantly weaved into what used to be. I close my eyes, but there are reminders everywhere.
We tend to approach weight and eating issues with diets, exercise, and extreme lifestyle changes; however, working with a professional on the mental health aspect of eating disorders is far more healthy, productive, and long-lasting.
If you're struggling with an eating disorder, call the National Eating Disorder Association hotline at 1-800-931-2237. Therefore
Now that I've managed to turn my "mess" into my message, there were some "rules" I had to break, all in the name of health, wellness and importantly sanity. Here are some of the "rules" I've broken along the way that have completely transformed my relationship with food and my body:
This is great news! You can find a healthy size for your unique body without ever "trying" to lose a single pound. You never have to go on an extreme diet again and you can stay healthy! We can all rejoice in knowing that the light is truly more powerful than darkness.