“In a world in which the poor are getting poorer and the rich are getting richer, what chance exists for peace, in the absence
Success often depends on our ability to present a socially acceptable image. Ideally, our social image aligns with our authentic self or essence.
The supermarket changed that neighborhood for the better, researchers at the nonprofit, nonpartisan RAND Corp. found. But not quite the way anyone expected.
It's about time you realize that I am you and you are me, that we are all intertwined and connected in humanity. Whether you are from the East or from the West, aren't you aware that we share a planet and not a world? And, what is a world?
And it always has been, according to the Economic Policy Institute.
The asset boom combined with wage stagnation have only intensified our nation's disparity disorder, the prime metaphor for which is Walmart and its heirs, the Waltons.
Major marijuana advocates weigh in on the legalization measure which will be on the DC voting ballot in November 2014. The advocates note that there's strong support, and are hopeful that the bill will pass.
NMSI reports that men over age 25 held 87 percent of bachelor's degrees in engineering fields. Only 23 percent of workers in STEM-related jobs are women, yet women make up 48 percent of workers in all occupations. The higher you go on the corporate ladder, the lower these numbers become. You don't need to be a math whiz to see that these numbers don't add up.
In true incrementalist fashion, Democrats have now made things slightly less unfair, but fell far short of actual fairness. It's as if, right after the Civil War, Congress announced that black people would now count as four-fifths of a person.
Just fooling. We have no live feed of Stephen Baldwin's cat in a tree. We hope you'll forgive us for this lack of newsiness
Despite the world's most advanced medical technology and the heroic efforts of devoted clinicians, health care is too expensive, unjustly inaccessible and seriously harmful to many of the citizens it seeks to serve.
As grim statics come out that show our nation's unemployment rates have surged to 5.5 percent, Republicans have again tried to block assistance to the families that urgently need it the most.
We currently live in a society where people of color face dangerous and unjust inequalities -- in health care and beyond. It is a remarkably devastating reality that should not be tolerated.