I hate to get into a game of semantics here, but I have been 'home'-less for the past 18 months.
But the features that have made them attractive, now threaten them. Tech workers have flocked to live in the Mission District
More than 1 million children have been displaced by violence in the Arab country.
We, 20 leading academics and influencers from across the world, have joined forces today in an open letter to world leaders
What contributes to the challenge is the fact that mental illness is not considered socially acceptable. Brain cancer we
The wave of displacement is just the start of a far larger disruption of the area's population anticipated as fighting continues
Like many successful content creators, YouTube is what Tonya calls her full-time job. It's one that's brought her tens of millions of views and made her into a bona fide internet celebrity. It's also one that's left her living out of her car.
By 2050 there will be around 200 million people displaced by climate change worldwide. However there is currently no international legal framework in place for these people to fit into.
In the post-2015 world, all current signals point to a need to invest in research and policy analysis to develop a reference point which will not only help to protect vulnerable people, but will also serve long-term sustainable development.