Dissociative identity disorder

The Throwing Muses frontwoman is out with her rowdiest solo album yet. She only had to confront a torturous alternate personality to get here.
The actor added that Barr needs to "get off Twitter."
The only word to describe my experience with depersonalization/derealization is "colossal." When something colossal occurs in your life, it is meant to be learned from and shared.
Why does MPD keep making its periodic comebacks, despite not being a verifiable or clinically useful mental disorder? My best guess is that the labeling of 'alters' offers an appealing and dramatic metaphor, an idiom of distress.
"I think people who have, say, an unusual condition, they get pretty lonely," Cameron says. "Maybe that's the best thing
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The power of our culture can be turned inward and used against us or it can be used to build strong families and communities.
The cases of Multiple Personality Disorder are far higher in North America than in any other part of the world. Many suspect that this surplus is the product of U.S. culture and over-indulgent psychiatrists and psychotherapists.
Having a mental illness or disorder carries a great stigma with it. Having a "normal" life once the label has been applied is close to impossible.