distinguished warfare medal

Through the White House's "We the People -- Your Voice in our Government" petition process, thousands of signatures were gathered for a petition to the Obama Administration to lower the precedence of the new Distinguished Warfare Medal.
"This decision will clearly keep medals that can only be earned in combat in their high order of precedence, while providing
If only the actual drone program, and the strategic thinking that underlies it, were to undergo the same sort of review as a little contraption of cloth and medal.
"Secretary Hagel’s decision to review the Distinguished Warfare Medal for drone operators shows exactly why we supported
A new medal that honors drone pilots and cyber warriors is facing bipartisan backlash because it will take precedence over traditional combat awards. Amanda Terkel joins Josh from DC to discuss.
The Pentagon did not return a request for comment, but spokesman George Little told the Associated Press in late February
Leon Panetta recently announced the creation of the "the Distinguished Warfare Medal" to recognize outstanding achievements by unmanned aerial vehicle pilots. Yet how can one evaluate acts in war when the fighter is not on the battlefield and is in no physical danger?
Though the issue of drones is raging hot and heavy, I personally don't have an issue with the medal itself. What I do have an issue with is this: The new medal ranks above the Purple Heart. I cannot imagine that, had Hagel been secretary of defense, he would have approved.
News that the Pentagon is considering a special "Distinguished Warfare Medal" for drone pilots tells us much about the American war-making moment. Leaving aside issues of bravery or courage of drone operators, let's consider the name of the medal, with its stress on "distinguished warfare."