distracted walking

It's an important question for all parents to ask, and unfortunately, the answer can be troubling.
Joel Feldman is an attorney in Philadelphia with the law firm of Anapol Weiss. After his daughter Casey was killed by a distracted
This episode underlined the hazards of texting while walking, which can surely be as dangerous as texting while doing almost anything else. Almost: there are no available statistics on the adverse effects of texting while having sex, which seems popular in some demographics.
Getting distracted can result in a lot more serious consequences than simply getting a ticket, and being distracted -- and not staying focused -- is one of the social problems of our times.
This week in Huffington magazine, we take a spin in a self-driving car and discover that the biggest danger it poses has
Health care providers are seeing an increase in "walking while texting" accidents, with terrible injuries undermining the "viral" explosion of tragi-comic trips, pratfalls, and collisions.
Distracted walking seems to be on the rise, with the Associated Press reporting earlier this year that hospitalizations from
Rescue workers swooped in to rescue Pestrikoff with ropes, and firefighters rappelled and used ladders to get down to her
This past Wednesday Bothe left the hospital after a six-month stay that included numerous reconstructive surgeries and intensive