Division I

“If I can get up and walk away from it, yeah, I’ll probably keep playing,” one player said.
The wealth of universities cannot currently rely on athletics to drive their finances. Here's how to change that.
During this year’s NCAA tournament, there has been obvious speculation about college athletes and the significant amount
Only 40 years later, we've all gotten used to universities with rocketing tuition, record levels of student loan debt (at
Identifying as an athlete was easy because, not only was I good at it, but I also was doing what I loved. What I didn't account for was what would happen to my identity without sports. My sophomore year of college, I found out.
We would normally go on about the factors we weighed when ranking these things, and how we considered the college town, athletics, etc. But we want to be real with you.
I have a cross country friend who will be attending a Division I school in the fall, and she barely has half of tuition covered with her scholarship. Though she is a good student and will likely graduate well off, her college time will be sunk running in circles.
You should be your kid's biggest supporter. But for parents of high school athletes, in particular, it's important to maintain perspective. Don't lose sleep worrying about catering to every need of your athletic child.
I am not writing this blog post to bemoan the excesses of big-time Division I athletics, but I would like to take this opportunity to extol the benefits of Division III sports for schools like ours.
This is a terrific time of year for fans of college sports as March Madness takes center stage. But big money, national fame and institutional pride too often overwhelm the best intentions of educators.
If done well, an entrepreneurship program substantively complements curricula in the arts and sciences and the overall undergraduate experience.
Many D-II and D-III student athletes were and still are talented enough to play at the D-I level, but academics and school size of D-II and D-III institutions are more suited for students who purposefully attempt to be as successful in the classroom as they are on the field.
For-profit colleges have been nothing short of controversial over the past few years, as their industry -- and Phoenix-based
I knew baseball and that's what mattered. They treated me, as I did them, as if we were working as a team, regardless of our differences.
Almost 40 years after the passage of Title IX, which promoted gender equality in educational athletic programs, and almost
In the world of college sports, athletic programs are divided and classified as those that generate revenue and those that
Over the past year, 169 players have "disappeared" from the rosters of the teams in the men's basketball tournament. This means they disappear from enrollment rolls at the same time.
Fran had never become a sports fanatic, at least until now. The 2009 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament, however, has changed all of that.