divorce and kids

2. 6. "I promise I'll never talk badly about your dad in front of you. I also promise to maintain open communication with
I had no say in how my parents broke our family down; no chance to say it was too loud, too messy and too sore.
Here's what they had to say: If you're a kid with divorced parents, constant checkups from mom and dad can be exhausting
6. "You can only control what goes on in your house -- unless it is an issue concerning your child's safety, let your problems
My twins are 4. I asked them what love means. "Hugs," my daughter said. "And kisses!" my son chimed in. Simple, but so very
But what parents often fail to realize is how strong and resilient kids can be -- and how experiencing the hardships of divorce
Instead of letting your family's breakup steal away the holiday season, create new traditions of comfort and joy.
Does the very thought of seeing your ex at your child's special events make you so angry you'd rather make an appearance at traffic court?
Obviously, Mad Men revolves around Don; and this is the season that has explained in fullest detail how and why Don Draper is the opposite of how he has presents himself.
Regardless of how or why things ended, and what your relationship is with your ex now, one thing is certain. You have a "Once upon a time story" that will always mean something, whether you want it to or not.
Every time when divorce agreements are signed in our hotels people wish each other good luck and a positive new future. They leave our hotels on Sunday willing to embrace their new lives.
By lying to your child, and realizing the child may eventually find out the truth, you demonstrate to your child lying is an okay behavior. Because children don't have adult filters to determine when stretching the truth might be necessary, their impulses around lying may be hard to control.
"I came from a family where feelings were shoved under the table. I needed help because my parents were caught up in their own struggles and I got lost."
After seeing so many students struggle, this teacher learned a lesson about co-parenting peacefully.
Parenting before after divorce can be complex, frustrating and confusing.
I was existing day-to-day like a hamster running in the wheel of its cage. Always on the move, but going nowhere.