divorce anger

Spending the past 3 ½ years giving divorce advice on Divorced Girl Smiling doesn’t make me an expert, just a person who got
One would think that after spending almost 20 years living in downtown Chicago it would be unlikely that I fall victim to a scam. Not the case. A couple weeks ago, I took my kids to the Cubs game. It was a perfect weather day, we had great seats, the game was nail biting, and the hot dogs delicious. Everyone was happy.
I can honestly say that from what I've seen, men and women going through a divorce experience hatred that runs so deep, it's frightening. I would imagine the reason for the hate is because they care so much. Think about it. People who don't care don't show or feel any emotion. They just shrug.
What is particularly bothersome about it is that the children grow up seeing this behavior, so what chance will they ever have of NOT acting the same way -- with the same divorce anger -- in the event that they get divorced, or even just in general?
With intention and practice, we can learn healthier ways of expressing anger, frustration and other difficult feelings which will make for more peaceful and rewarding life experiences.
Well. Okay then. So, I found out I don't need to like someone to treat them well which, at the time, was a relatively new