divorce celebration

Who wants to be down in the dumps about a divorce? Instead of mourning their ex, the newly single are toasting to their new life. We chat with people who have actually celebrated their divorce with a party!
You're flooded with every emotion in the book after divorce: relief, sadness, a twinge of regret. For many of us, though
Click through the slideshow below to see even more divorce cakes. Nothing says "I'm over him" more than this cake. Keep in
"After the chat, I discovered that she felt like butterfly being set free," Shipley said. "We settled on the cage idea to
Nothing says "I'm over you" like killing off the icing version of your ex-husband on a cake. Click through the slideshow
And some take celebrating more seriously than others. Take, for example, one Redditor's mom, who has bought herself a divorce
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The death of an unsatisfying love relationship can be viewed as a chance to begin a highly fulfilling love relationship -- one that will thrive, thanks to all your freshly-gained wisdom.