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Craig Schelske joins HuffPost Live and opens up about his very public divorce.
MacDougall is hardly the first person to make the case for putting your spouse before your kids. Author and mother-of-four
After divorce, it's easy to go a little crazy if you don't find something to take your mind off the split. But what exactly
Earlier this week, our friends over at HuffPost Healthy Living published a list of about 30 things their readers said they
What kept you sane during the hardest days of your split? On Tuesday, we asked our followers on Facebook and Twitter to share
Divorce is selfish by necessity when you think about it. No matter what, someone gets hurt. If it isn't you, then it is your kids and if it isn't your kids, then it is your ex, but in the end, someone has to pay the price. The question is, who can adjust the best?