divorce mistakes

Deciding to divorce is not easy, and unfortunately, the divorce process itself sets people up to make mistakes. You may be angry, sad, scared, or filled with anxiety over ending your marriage...and now you have the prospect of becoming entangled with the court system. If you are not careful, even small oversights or errors you make can result in a more difficult and costlier divorce.
While no two divorces are the same, there are common themes many cases have that can serve as an example for those who follow. Here are the top three mistakes I see people making in their divorces, and some suggestions on alternative responses.
You don't have to make the same mistakes that so many other people make.
While moving out is tremendously detrimental when you have children, it can also negatively impact childless marriages as
“Posting anything on social media is like standing on your front lawn and shouting it,” attorney Aaron Abramowitz of Trope
Fathers are susceptible to dumb mistakes during the divorce process -- mistakes that drain their pocketbooks, hurt their relationships with their kids, and wreak havoc in every corner of their lives. When it comes to divorce, here are five big no-no's you don't want to do.
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Feeling angry? While you may have excellent reasons -- don't take that to Court. Take that to a great therapist.
While avoiding emotional heartache is almost impossible, it is wise to be on alert and aware of some of the traps we may fall into.
You've decided to split but you're still living together. You're no longer a couple, but you're not yet independent. Here's what three of my clients told me about "The Limbo Phase."
It's devastating to feel you're inflicting injury on your own child. For parents, anticipating "The Talk" can be the worst part of divorce. Sometimes, in an effort to ease the pain, we cause more. Here are the six most common unintended mistakes made by well-intentioned parents.
The findings were based on online interviews with 2,012 divorced UK women ages 40 and older from September 2012. The research
Here are five mistakes commonly made by people going through divorce. Avoiding these pitfalls will allow you to divorce with integrity and keep suffering to a minimum.
There are countless ways to screw up during divorce, from letting the process drag on for too long to keeping the house when
Divorce can be one of the most stressful events in life, second only to a spouse dying. In fact, a divorce can become such a complicated and nasty affair that many people have joked that a spouse dying is a less stressful event because at least you don't have to fight the deceased in court!
Divorce is a complex process. Those involved must face legal, financial and psychological challenges simultaneously, all while managing everyday work and parenting demands.
The step you should take early in the process to avoid unnecessary expenses.
Men have just as much of a right to win in a divorce settlement as women do. So what men need to remember is that their behavior and actions during divorce are incredibly important.