divorce money

The story that always breaks my heart is when someone who has been married for many years (usually her entire adult life) is faced with divorce and she has absolutely no clue about the couple's financial picture.
As I sat staring at the divorce papers, I thought back to my father. When he told me not to date cheap women, drink cheap booze, etc., I wish he had admonished me never to hire cheap legal. You do get what you pay for.
9. Establish a system to keep track of all child support made/received, alimony payments made/received, medical expenses
It can be stressful to get your finances in order after divorce -- especially if the responsibility belonged to your spouse
Worrying about your finances is likely the last thing you want to do after your marriage ends. But as most financial experts
Pari Chang explains how divorce took her from a $7,500 per month residence in Manhattan to her mother's basement in New Jersey.
As miserable as you may be in your marriage, you should take the following financial situations into consideration before making the decision to split.
Man or woman, a language you need to speak as you divorce is the language of money.
The first thought that ran through my head when I received an invitation to one of the five (!) weddings my husband and I are attending this summer was, "Wonderful!" But as I browsed through the couples' registry, my thoughts turned to... divorce.
“In our face-to-face interviews, many wealthy divorced women told us that they feel they are better with money and investments
Perhaps your ex handled the finances and everything associated with them. Fast-forward to today: Now you're divorced, maybe even sitting on a pile of money, and reticent about what to do next.
The best way to divorce is to do it quickly, and as painlessly and inexpensively as possible. To accomplish this, the divorcing parties must be able to settle their differences out of court.
You can go like this for years, naively thinking you'll always trust each other. Until one day, life happens and smacks you in the face. The next thing you know, you're in a mad dash to protect your money, your credit history and your good name from being drawn through the sludge by an ex, determined to have it all.
Divorce is in our face every day. The broken marriages of Hollywood stars and political power couples fill our TV screens and magazine pages. Our email and Facebook accounts reveal that a friend's "perfect marriage" wasn't what it seemed.
A MAN who blamed greed for ruining his marriage has acted out the ultimate revenge on his estranged wife. After selling their