divorce party

Emotional support is the best gift of all.
Divorce Parties are part of our culture now. While some people still think they're in bad taste, many embrace them as a valuable ritual where friends and family can help a divorcing person through a difficult life change.
After such a long battle, I thought that I'd feel elated. Excited. But I don't feel anything like what I'd anticipated. Instead of elation, I'm feeling empty. Empty and exhausted.
In recent years the idea of having a "divorce party" has come into fashion, so I thought I'd give my two cents on the subject.
Some still raise eyebrows at divorce parties and consider them tacky or morally corrupt. I personally find them to be very life-affirming in most cases. Here are my top 10 reasons why you should celebrate your divorce.
The concept of a divorce party and the details of some of the events can make the honoree and the guests sound hedonistic and in denial of a truly sad event, but relationship therapists sometimes recommend and encourage them because they can be therapeutic.
The menu can include anything that is "split", items like Split Chicken Breasts, Split Pea Soup, Banana Splits or Banana Split Cake.
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