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While surrogacy and sperm donation can produce an instant family without a partner or pomp, joining with another, officially and ceremoniously, remains a popular achievement in the human growth cycle.
If your ex kidnaps your child and moves to another country, what results is a legal battle both expensive and complicated
Consider what your lifetime together will look like. Contemplate what issues you need to work on. Be willing to do whatever you can to try and salvage this relationship with the person you fell in love with.
The Supreme Court ruling in favor of same-sex marriage was a good day for America. But it also made official something I've been saying for years: America embraces every lifestyle except one -- being unmarried.
Today, June 26, 2015, a day that will live in infamy, the Supreme Court has just destroyed the great battleship of marriage. Sent a kamizake pilot right through its bridge. Blown it to smithereens.
This past week The New York Times released a report that made those holding steadfast to monogamy jump with joy: American divorce rates are the lowest they've been since the 80's. But why? The answer is a simple one: Millenials aren't getting married.
It's interesting to note that the actual divorce rate in the U.S. isn't as high as most people think. Though it's often quoted
So while physician burnout is real, the study suggests that jokes about doctors and divorce don't necessarily reflect reality
Denise Oliveira joins HuffPost Live and talks about why she didn't want an engagement ring.
Why? The researchers hypothesize that because height is related to masculinity, short men may use other aspects of the relationship
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Are we still blissfully happy like a couple of newlyweds? Sure, but it's not quite the same blissfully happy when you are in a blended family.
Spurious Correlations was created by Harvard Law School student Tyler Vigen. Statistics were pulled from the US Census and
It's often said that that living together before marriage puts couples at greater risk for divorce later on -- but it turns
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But Cohen says the drop off may have occurred because couples simply could not afford a costly divorce, not because they
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These high divorce rates present a big concern; not only for the emotional anguish a divorce creates, especially if there are children involved, but the financial consequences can be devastating.
8.8 years is the average length of an American marriage. It's a stat photographer Sabrina Thompson points out in her latest
Are you or someone you know contemplating a divorce? Are there plans to hire a lawyer and take the matter to court? At the risk of raising the ire of matrimonial lawyers, I say, you might want to re-think that idea.