divorce reasons

Chances are, you're guilty of a few of these.
"At the end of the day, each partner needs to feel like what they see and feel matters.”
When tensions are already running high between a couple, the holidays could be the breaking point that just puts someone over the edge.
So what's Neuman's best advice for fostering the kind of intimacy that leads to a little action between the sheets? First
Yes, you have the right to say what you are thinking, but that doesn’t mean it is right to say hurtful things to anyone, especially
12. Their marriage was virtually passionless. "I had a comfortable and 'nice' marriage for 11 years. I'm not sure if we were
9. When he decided to put his daughter first. "My second wife and I got along great, but over time the relationship she had
3. You can't handle being alone. "I was 23, she was a couple of years older. We had known each other for four months and