divorce regrets

6. Your kids wouldn't be who they are if not for your ex. "I always say I could have had these three kids with anyone, since
2. "My biggest regret? Staying seven years and giving my all because that's what I felt society expected of me. If both of
After divorce or a particularly bad split, keeping up the facade that you're doing fine without your ex can be exhausting
Seddons, a London law practice, surveyed 867 people who had gone through a divorce or separation and roughly one-third -- the
Divorce is never easy. The holidays add an additional level of complexity and context that should not be ignored -- not just because of the immediate discomfort, but also because of the potential long-term side effects that could poison your relationship with your kids, extended family and the holidays themselves.
3. "Becoming complacent. I now know that marriage is like chess: You always have to have your head in the game. Always." 6
Below, HuffPost Divorce readers offer some real talk on the things they miss most about marriage. Scroll down to read their