Divorce support

“Divorce is a journey. Pack accordingly.” – Sara Woodard-Ortiz, The HeartFull Journey Like many divorced women before me
In the stereotypical way we think of divorce, men are supposed to worry about the money. Women are supposed to worry about the kids. The problem is: none of that is true.
Although problems may have preceded the separation and divorce, the clear delineation may now lead a narcissist to behave in ways that punish the former spouse and, by clear association, impact the children too.
Let's face it. Divorce is scary. Even if you initiated it or the break up is on amicable terms, your life is turned upside down. Your relationship is in the toilette and so is your perception of yourself and who you are in the world.
Finding the right support during divorce can be challenging to say the least. Friends who you thought would be there aren't, family is in upheaval and not necessarily available to you due to their own pain, and best friends--who are always amazing--will get worn thin in time.
wish I could wash away your pain but I can't. What I can do is share 12 things I wish my fairy godmother had told me when I went through my divorce a lifetime ago in 2003.
About to separate or are recently separated? Here are eleven expectations to demystify the crazy train you are about to board and help you navigate the process
Getting through divorce is never easy, no matter what the circumstances. If your energy is drained and you feel as though you're stuck, here are 25 sure-fire ways you can cheer yourself up and boost your energy while going through a divorce.
Children of separated parents may feel uncertain about the future too. Divorce may seem daunting, but that's not the worst
If you have a friend who is going through a divorce, you may find yourself privy to information, and jonesing to jaw about it.
7. Discuss nutrition and supplements for anyone going through stressful periods. I took “Holy Basil” which lowers the stress
Hopefully you have some stalwart friends who stick by your side. These are the ones who don't run from your tears or hide from your rants. Treasure these friends. They are true.
Divorce is your time to become a master of change and emotional intelligence for your children. You may be hurt, but you are still wearing the cape of parenthood. You can continue to be the superhero by making your pain and recovery teachable moments for your children.
For every poor decision they make in the early days of the break-up they will pay a price that will only enlarge exponentially if they don't knock it off! Here are five behaviors that women need to stop doing after divorce or a bad breakup.
A week after my youngest child was born I learned some devastating facts about my marriage which were about to turn my world upside down. But, 17 years later my world is not only sunny-side up but a whole lot brighter.
Sleep is one of our most precious resources, yet a good night's sleep can be hard to come by during divorce.
With longer life spans and increasing technology, there is still plenty of time for Baby Boomers to begin again and have a joyful life.
Show your children with actions that even though you are not married anymore, you still are the same person to them that you have always been.
When you have to tell someone that you're divorced, it feels like admitting that you failed at something.