I've always wanted to be the person to write the formal definition of "DIY" for weddings. God knows, I've learned it the hard way. Both in planning my own DIY wedding in 2004, and in helping brides and grooms with the Do-It-Yourself bug find ways to make their personal mark on their wedding planning.
There are no rules about how DIY works for weddings. As a full-service wedding planner, I'd be lying if I didn't say the phrase Do-It-Yourself (or DIY) has made me groan a LOT of times.
In total, the Bigsbys spent $3,000 on their budget-friendly, 100-person wedding, succeeding in throwing a memorable, eco
No one wants to throw a total snooze-fest wedding or bore their guests to tears. No worries though; there are a ton of super offbeat and inexpensive wedding entertainment ideas that'll make your guests remember your wedding for years!
doesn't it seem a little odd that wheelbarrows and haystacks are trending with modern, tech-savvy brides? I definitely thought so. I caught up with some of six brilliant rustic wedding experts to get the scoop on why rustic wedding details are at an all-time popularity with 21st century brides.
Fortunately, there are several DIY wedding projects that can be cost-effective and fun, although they're all a little bit time-consuming. But that's exactly what the motivated bride and groom want -- something that costs them more time than money.
I'm a rookie wedding cake maker after a friend asked if I'd take a stab at her wedding cake. Piece of cake, right? Not exactly.
Although he had originally wanted the ring to be a surprise, he decided to tell Bontinen before he started working because
Oh, Pinterest. Never before has there been a tool that allows us to indulge in so many wedding fantasies (even when we don’t
We love these decorative jars from The Budget Savvy Bride. because they look high-end but are actually very inexpensive to
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Photo by Charlotte Hupfield of Charlotte Hupfield Ceramics Turn a tin can into a romantic luminary with this simple Craft
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Chances are you probably have an old trophy or two collecting dust on a shelf somewhere. Why not put all that hardware to
Sometimes, sending a quick email just doesn't cut it -- especially when it comes to saying thank you. Instead, show your
Make faraway castles, vintage villages and charming houses come to life right in your living room.How? By using scenes from
What You'll Need White or light-colored paper bags Wax crayons Disposable knife or pencil sharpener Wax paper Iron Votives