dj-jazzy-jeff and the fresh prince

7. Jazz and Will were best buds in real life, too! 1. The cast used to keep a diary on set. 11. Will Smith is actually a
People may not take Will Smith seriously because of his infectious laughter, lighthearted songs and goofy faces, but this actor-producer-rapper has worked very hard to establish himself as a triple threat.
Hollywood Swingin' He's The DJ, I'm The Rapper So in celebration of the entertainer's 45th birthday today (September 25), we're
There's always one song that seems to saturate the summer, blasting from rooftops, beach houses, BBQs and passing cars. It's
When all those overexposed boys and girls turn eighteen, I pledge to burn the following songs and have them airdropped into whatever compound the family is then holed up in.