How well did you learn to play and how much of it is in the film? Photos by © Roger Arpajou courtesy of Berlinale, used with
Watch an excerpt from their press conference, where Kateb talks about art changing the world... And sometimes not always
The award-winning director calls out white supremacy in a recent interview.
"If you’ve made money being a critic in black culture in the last 20 years you have to deal with me."
Not interviewed in Warshaw's film is Daniel Barenboim, a Jewish Wagnerite who fits right into this discussion. (Scheduling
In light of the new Renaissance in African American film and television Wolper states he and his company are continuing their legacy, and developing African American stories around a few of the key social justice moments that deeply affected all of America.
Are you missing a black cat named Django? If so, you might want to visit Craigslist. The adorable feline was apparently stolen
"Django Unchained" won two Oscars in February for Christoph Waltz's supporting actor turn as a dentist who became a bounty