When you put together the world’s deepest swimming pool and a group of talented DJs, you get the perfect underwater dance floor.
One of Conaty's favorite singers, Annette Henshaw, would sign off each song saying, "That's all." And it is. It's over. Even
It happens every year @djmag — Dillon Francis (@DILLONFRANCIS) October 19, 2016
Jongkind, alongside his partner Idir Makhlaf form Blasterjaxx--one of the biggest producer and DJ acts on the planet. Jongkind
You're kicking off twenty years of DJ'ing with a fantastic birthday party! Looking back, what are some of your highlights
You know the saying, a picture is worth a thousand words, which is exactly why you're invited to glide through what you missed, or relive what you might have experienced in NYC when on the brink of summer, Central Park's Summer stage kicked off with two British ensembles.
In many cultures, the mountain is a sacred place where people gather to purge and pray. For the music festival community, it is the perfect place to worship music and bask in the love of human connection.
In addition, in today's economic environment showing a high income on your tax return is a must for basics like signing a
When did everything involving three or more millenials start requiring a freaking DJ?
FKJ at Sound Nightclub - May 27, 2015 What was your most successful event and why? Top 5 Albums of 2015? Tom: I prefer to
Mannion has photographed and designed over 300 album covers; some include DMX, Jay Z, the Game, Nas and so many more. He
I felt like I had one leg out and one leg in the television screen... On this day in particular, the event flyer marked a
The FYF Fest in Los Angeles has a diverse lineup of artists to include; Frank Ocean, Solange and D'Angelo
And all four claim they are acting on behalf of the middle class. Here, in two minutes, is everything you need to know to understand why things have ground to a halt in Springfield.
For Philadelphia native and New York-based DJ, Jasmine Solano, music has always been a driving force in her life. With a growing awareness for political issues and society, Solano's passion for music and social impact fueled her into a successful career.
A few hours before another SOLD OUT show -- this time at Terminal 5 on Manhattan's westside, I had a very engaging conversation backstage with half of Rudimental's foursome -- Amir and Piers, who were casually kicking back in their dressing room.
The Sonos Studio is, no doubt, a space to explore, and this past Thursday there was yet another opening of -- "Hometown HiFi
Q: What is Steve Aoki actually doing when he is on stage? A: If you're going to do a live show, there has to be a balance
To be fair, I hear that she is improving, so she's not a total train wreck. But then again, since she has a virtually unlimited
Claude VonStroke is the boss of the infamous ragtag Dirtybird records crew.Born out of a series of free BBQ parties at Golden Gate Park, Dirtybird has been releasing music since 2005, carving out a very distinct niche in international underground scene.