D.L. Hughley

The guest presenter also sarcastically said he couldn't put his finger on why the Black cops accused of beating Nichols were arrested so fast.
"You f**ked with the wrong one," the comedian said onstage. She later accused Hughley of fueling bias against Black women.
The outspoken actor took aim at Trump over his treatment of black America.
When in the past have you ever heard the term "unendorse" used? We haven't checked, but we believe it just got coined and added to the political lexicon.
Anyone can change the headline and sub-headline on a news story posted to Facebook. But not everybody uses the feature responsibly.
DL Hughley is a successful comedian whose role as one of the Kings of Comedy influenced a generation. But back before the father of three ever got involved in making people laugh, he was something else: flat broke with several mouths to feed.