The president whined after Twitter yanked a campaign video for copyright infringement — but Dorsey set the record straight.
The crackdown on entertainment copyrights shows what can be done when the political will exists.
Artists finally got some good news from federal authorities in Chicago in July when Artum Vaulin, the alleged owner of Kickass Torrents, KAT, one of the most heavily trafficked pirate sites on the internet, was arrested in Poland.
Swift has gone up against Spotify. Now she joins Paul McCartney, U2 and others against the tech giant.
As an evolved society we cannot continue to allow great art to be the sacrificial lamb for empire building on the internet.
Does anyone really believe that the record labels would have ever signed the Spotify deal if they hadn't struggled so unsuccessfully with piracy for so long? Why aren't artists able to get their work removed from pirate sites where somebody else is making money off their work? How revolutionary is that?
The government has failed to protect artists, failed to enforce the laws, essentially overseeing and giving legitimacy to one of the largest income transfers of all time.