North Korea has blown up a vacant inter-Korean liaison office in a symbolic act of aggression.
The meeting on Sunday might "only be a handshake," said Trump. "But that's okay; a handshake means a lot."
The move was part of a pact to reduce tension and build trust on the divided peninsula.
The soldier was unarmed and there was no exchange of fire, a South Korean military official says.
The country also conducted its fourth nuclear test this year.
Welcome to the most heavily militarized border in the world.
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These three cases show that the environment can sometimes benefit from conflict.
When the first reunion was organized in 2000, it was a diplomatic milestone symbolizing the end of a long chill between North and South Korea, reaffirming their commitment to reunification. Today, the status quo has evolved so much that the political potency of reunions has all but dissipated.
North Korea expressed regret for landmine blasts; South Korea agreed to end propaganda broadcasts. The two sides also agreed to arrange opportunities for family reunification.