Australian researchers are hoping to use genetic engineering to bring back the extinct Tasmanian tiger.
Police in California named now-dead Terry Leroy Bramble as the prime suspect in the sexual assault and murder of Lucille Hultgren.
The California police force caused a national uproar after a sexual assault survivor was matched to a property crime through a DNA sample in her rape kit.
It's illegal search and seizure, and dissuades victims of sexual assault from speaking out, said the San Francisco District Attorney's Office.
An analysis of DNA results revealed the senator and drag icon are closely related.
Ancestry and other DNA-testing companies are bringing old family secrets to light. These friends are now dealing with the truth about their fathers.
The reunion was sparked by a granddaughter who took a DNA test and got a list of relatives.
Coley McCraney, 45, faces murder and rape charges for the shooting deaths of Tracie Hawlett and J.B. Beasley.
James Alan Neal's DNA was linked to Linda O'Keefe's death with the help of a genealogical tracking website, authorities said.
Both Brady Feigls are 6-foot, 4-inch pitchers with red hair and glasses.