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Elaine Gavalas is founder of Galen Botanicals, co-founder of Simply Centered and an exercise physiologist, nutritionist, yoga
By Cheryl Platzman Weinstock Find a certified genetic counselor. Enter your zip code in the National Society of Genetic Counselors
Officials will likely pay about $1.3 million for tests to reveal the tiny differences in the accused's genetic code to determine
Sixty years after Watson and Crick first described the two-stranded "double helix" structure of DNA, scientists at the University of Cambridge now report that they've found four-stranded "quadruple helix" DNA in human cells -- and say it may prove helpful in the fight against cancer.
“This research further highlights the potential for exploiting these unusual DNA structures to beat cancer -- the next part
Creating a drug to target just one regulator may have little impact. But the more we understand the regulatory networks involved in health and disease, the more chance we have of identifying the key vulnerable pinch points in our organ systems.
Some things are actually worth paying for.
Distortions and sensationalism really only explain how deterministic stories persist -- not why. There must be something satisfying and lucrative about "gene-for" stories. What is so sexy about a gene for IQ?
The ability to construct DNA and insert it into living reproducing cells has almost unimaginable promise. But scientists need to tell us what they are doing to keep their work safe.