dna testing

Police used DNA on the napkin to link Jerry Westrom to the stabbing of a Minneapolis woman more than 25 years ago.
Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) is saying sorry to the Cherokee Nation after she released a DNA test that showed she had a Native American ancestor.
"Late Show" host taunts the president over his comments about Sen. Elizabeth Warren.
It's 23andMe's latest collaboration to develop new drugs with genetic data from customers who volunteered to participate.
We've all had blood tests, and now we can take a DNA test to evaluate our health. This new technology uses blood and saliva
The Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative has just launched SPARK (Simons Foundation Powering Autism Research for Knowledge), a groundbreaking online project to accelerate research and advance understanding of the genetic underpinnings of autism.
Consider this your warning, apartment dwellers 💩
No matter where you fall on the spectrum of how you feel about it, it's a tool. And for those of us looking for clues into family members it can be very helpful.
What did the CT scans and DNA analysis tell you about the Tuli mummy? Who was he? He lay alone in a shallow grave at the