doctor patient relationship

There's a big difference between empathy, sympathy and compassion.
But first, a doctor has to feel it. During the last two decades, researchers have sought to understand the causes and remedies
This could be empathy 2.0 for the average med student, who is 24.
There's more to being a doctor than diagnosing symptoms. And that's where art comes in.
Faced with this universally-recognized Nazi symbol prominently displayed on D.D.'s body, the symbol of the systematic slaughter of 6 million European Jews, could I care for this patient?
Though as an M.D. I did pass through the ranks of "short coat" to "earn" a long coat and be considered a medical authority, and I loved my medical training at Yale, I prefer my authority to come across in what I know and share.
I told my new primary care physician, who seemed more thorough than my old one, that I believed years of sleep deprivation