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I first got hooked on "Doctor Who" as a teenager in the '70s, but stopped watching as I got older. When I recently checked the 2010 season out of the library, I quickly got sucked right back in. I've got plenty of catching up to do, since the show has been running for decades.
The Doctor is back. From script leaks circling the Internet to a rough cut of the newest season's first episode making its
"Doctor Who" Season 8 premieres on August 23 at 8 p.m. ET on BBC America. [h/t Mashable] The 56-year-old actor will be joined
Amy Pond is time traveling once again. Karen Gillan, who played the Doctor's companion, Amy Pond on "Doctor Who," released
Matt Smith, the current Doctor Who, was probably the most popular guest of the con this year. No surprise there, as the British
Christmas may be over, but BBC America has one more present for Whovians. If you still refuse to believe that Matt Smith
You better have your TARDIS tissue box handy, Whovians! The "Doctor Who" Christmas Special airs Wed. Dec. 25 at 9 p.m. EST
Check out the trailer above to see what happens when some of the Doctor's most famous foes like the Daleks, Cybermen and
The "Doctor Who" Christmas Special is always a special occasion. This year it's even more so as Whovians say goodbye to Smith
BBC America has released the first images from this year's "Doctor Who" Christmas Special: "Time of the Doctor." Check out
Dear Doctor: You had me at, "I'm not a ginger." When you open that blue door, my heart beats louder than the two of yours combined, because I have a problem that only a doctor can solve. Do you have a helping hand to spare? My problem is that I'm in love with a ten.
This weekend's "Doctor Who" 50th Anniversary Special entitled "The Day of the Doctor" is the first "Doctor Who" episode to
If you're new to "Who" or just want a refresher course then look no further than this all-encompassing and compressive infographic
Jenna Coleman, who plays the Doctor's current companion is featured in the released photos, but she will not be the only
Could the recently introduced so-called "dark Doctor" played by John Hurt be the missing link between EIghth Doctor Paul
The unconventional musical has already garnered attention for its Kickstarter campaign, which managed to raise over $154,000
Steven Moffat, lead writer and executive producer of "Doctor Who" said: "50 years has turned 'Doctor Who' from a television
This isn't the first time the "Doctor Who" woman question has been addressed. In a recent interview with IMDb, Moffat admitted
What Smith will comment on, however, is just how hard it's been for him to let go of the role. But according to "Doctor Who
When Matt Smith announced he was leaving "Doctor Who" in June -- noting, 'When ya gotta go, ya gotta go" -- fans were sad