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The rate of recorded deaths in the Mediterranean has risen sharply this year, with more than 3,740 migrants drowning on their way to Europe.
"The people are being reduced to blood and dust. They are in pieces."
We will not leave patients behind. And we will not be silent. Seeking or providing health care must not be a death sentence. You will be judged not on your words today, but on your actions. Your work has only begun. Make this resolution save lives.
Your own government bombing the hell out of your city, including a children's hospital: This is the horror of life in northern Syria.
After U.S. airstrikes destroyed a Kunduz hospital, Afghans must travel for days to reach life-saving treatment.
"The destruction of this hospital deprives about 40,000 people of healthcare in this conflict zone."
Airstrikes hit 112 Syrian medical facilities in 2015 and 13 so far this year.
The deadly bombing is just the latest to hit a hospital supported by the aid group in Syria.
The organization says it is the third severe incident in 3 months.