Doctrine of Discovery

Clergy condemned a 15th century document that paved the way for Christian colonization of the Americas.
As we head into the Academy Awards this weekend, we should visit Leonardo DiCaprio's acceptance speech at the Golden Globe Awards on 10 January, which concluded with his honoring Indigenous Peoples.
A new national narrative is needed. A narrative that admits the past national evil and lauds past national good.
Pope Francis, you are likely a wonderful person but you apparently have little sense of justice when it comes to the marginalized and still disenfranchised Indigenous peoples of America.
The Doctrine of Discovery, which allowed taking indigenous land 500 years ago, still underpins Indian law in the U.S.
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“We had just been singing a hymn with the line, ‘Who will speak if you don’t? … Speak so that their voices will be heard
The Doctrine of Discovery is the basis for all Indian land law in this country, and it has imposed similar burdens on indigenous peoples all over the world. More than 500 million indigenous peoples around the globe live today with the effects of the Doctrine's oppressive racism.
Frichner said the report is a first step in investigating the global scope of the Doctrine of Discovery as a key source of