Documentaries (Movies)

Ahead of her new Netflix documentary, "Seeing Allred," the famous attorney suggests there are more #MeToo stories to come.
Amy Adrion's new doc "Half the Picture" takes on gender bias in entertainment. But even in the #TimesUp era, the film has yet to be picked up by a distributor.
Storytellers behind seven major movies are working through the themes that haunt our national headlines.
Lakeith Stanfield, Laura Dern and Keira Knightley were the toasts of the festival.
Billy Crystal, David Letterman and Williams' son Zak touchingly describe the actor's endless love of entertaining.
And that's had a big impact on Hollywood's "toxic" culture, says one researcher.
Jordan Peele's film conveyed the true experience of blackness in the U.S.
Facing the future with trepidation in the age of Trump.
"Bright" wanted to be a blockbuster. "Mudbound" wanted to be an Oscar winner. But in a year of misfires, they're anomalies.
BBC Two commissioned a two-part documentary that will feature interviews with the producer's accusers.
Last year, the Oscar-buzzy actress didn't even know who Tonya Harding was. Now she's channeling a side of the Olympian you've never seen.
“There was the actor who dropped out of the Hellboy role. Everyone was like ‘he’s such a hero! He’s my hero!’ The truth is, what he did was valiant but he’s not a hero. He was scared,” actress Awkwafina said.