Service members are used to being the heroes. They're used to being the ones out there helping others, not the ones receiving
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On Monday, President Obama will visit Cuba - the first time a U.S. president has traveled there since Calvin Coolidge. It's an important step toward normalizing relations between the two countries, opening up important economic possibilities for Cuba and the potential for U.S. investment and influence there.
"It’s not right," the veteran said of DOD's payments to sports teams.
Instead of advocating for the return of the draft, Moulton was joining prominent leaders such as President Obama and General McChrystal (who is leading the Franklin Project) to call on all Americans to engage in some act of public service in their lifetime -- just as the civilians who I served with had done.
Our soldiers deserve the best training available -- and that's not hacking at moaning goats with gardening shears or blowing off pigs' jaws. Lifelike human-patient simulators, which are readily available, realistically represent human anatomy and traumatic injury.
The intelligence community’s delve into climate change research isn’t new -- it was orchestrated largely by former vice president
Last week I suggested the difficulties that faced US forces if the President sent them into the ISIS battle in Iraq. I particularly pointed out the difficulties that armed vehicles face from IEDs if we attempted to use them in that country.
I'm pretty sure that Inhofe must be reading different news feeds than I am, otherwise, how could he fail to be as concerned as I am? Below are some of my top anxieties, not necessarily in order of my angst:
Senator Rand Paul calls the excessive use of giving away military equipment "outrageous" and "out of control."